FAS Helps Logan University Resolve Financial Aid Challenges


Founded in 1935 and located in suburban St. Louis, Logan University, the nation’s third largest chiropractic college, is world-renowned for chiropractic education. Complementing its flagship Doctor of Chiropractic degree program, the College of Health Sciences offers accelerated undergraduate coursework, bachelor and master’s degrees ranging from Sports Science and Rehabilitation to Nutrition and Human Performance. When the school experienced challenges and compliance issues in its financial aid office, Vice President of Enrollment Management, Dr. Boyd Bradshaw, called on FAS based on a colleague’s recommendation.


“After asking FAS to do an operations assessment, we realized that we had improvements to make,” said Dr. Bradshaw. “FAS provided an interim director and consulting service to help us run day-to-day operations and update policies and procedures.” FAS Senior Consultant Charlene Ervin and Consultant Jeanne Locarnini worked on-site at Logan University for nearly a year to help the university become compliant with Department of Education regulations and operate more efficiently. “They interacted with our accounting department, controller, admissions and registrar’s office,” said Dr. Bradshaw. “They were able to bring people together and work more cooperatively in a team environment.”


“Having FAS on our team gave our new director confidence and showed our students that we were working on getting financial aid right,” said Dr. Bradshaw. He noted that the consultants helped train the school’s financial aid staff and developed new processes and procedures by using best practices and benchmarking against national standards. “Their experience, knowledge, and ability to provide excellent customer service were their greatest strengths. We went with FAS because of their client base and their ability to work quickly and turn situations around. They were there for us 24/7. At the end of the day, if you’re experiencing challenges in your financial aid office, you need to go and get the best and FAS is the best.”