FAS Gives its All to Palo Alto University


Founded in 1975 as the Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, Palo Alto University (PAU) provides 900 students with education and research programs anchored in psychology, clinical training and practice. The school, which offers bachelors through doctorate degrees to students from 25 countries, has seen its enrollment quadruple in the past 10 years. PAU was challenged to meet students’ financial aid needs with limited resources, while avoiding too many fixed costs.


Since first calling on FAS in 2009, PAU has been the only client in recent years to utilize all the services FAS offers – consulting, staffing, assessment and processing. “We wanted to work with a company that had long and deep experience, and FAS had that,” said Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Bill Froming. Over the past five years, both Executive Vice President Kathryn Hill and Consultant Peggy McLendon have come on site to consult, serve in interim financial administrator positions and help manage general operations.


“FAS has given us the flexibility to serve our students as we grow,” said Dr. Froming. “Financial aid is a specific kind of domain that is critical to our operations, but it’s not the kind of knowledge that we had in house. Consulting with Kathy has given me peace of mind that our financial aid will be done correctly.” Dr. Froming noted that the financial aid staff relies on FAS to help solve unusual problems. “Kathy always knows the answer, because she has seen every situation before, and is current with all regulations” he said. “FAS offers the kind of knowledge, professionalism, and high quality financial aid services that are consistent with changing federal regulations. Whenever we need help, I’ll be on the phone to FAS. Their services have been very valuable.”