Student File Review - Through confidential student file reviews, FAS can pinpoint specific exceptions and liabilities, giving institutions time to rectify problem areas before the auditors arrive. These reviews reduce the risk of incurring substantial fines, recommend corrective measures and help colleges approach audits with confidence and peace of mind.

Audit Findings and Program Review - Audit and program review findings often result in significant reconstruction of records that can require substantial time and effort and overwhelm an institution. Incomplete or inaccurate program review responses can lead to serious consequences, from fines and limitations in federal and state program participation to complete suspension.

The FAS team of compliance professionals can analyze your review findings, develop response strategies, reconstruct files, and document policies on an institution's behalf. We help to restore your institution's favorable state of compliance with recommendations that ensure long-term success. Request additional information

Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4) - review and recalculation of federal aid for withdrawn students (more)

Satisfactory Academic Performance (SAP) - monitoring students' pace and program completion; review of student appeals (more)

"Audits and program reviews are necessary in administering student financial aid. New and complex regulations are introduced every year; existing ones are subject to change. FAS provides institutions with the guidance and resources to pinpoint areas for improvement and help ensure on-going compliance."

David Gray
FAS President