To receive additional information about optimizing your financial aid operations with any of the following services, please call us at 770-988-9447 or email us at info@FinancialAidServices.Org.


  • Consulting – Maximizing the effectiveness of financial aid offices through strategic counsel, leadership development and mentoring.

  • Interim Staffing – Staffing leadership and expertise to help keep operations on track during peak activity periods, medical or maternity leaves, when clients are searching for new staff, or during system implementations.

  • Assessments and Analyses – Customized office assessments, staffing analyses and student file reviews that help reduce expenses, increase efficiency and ensure compliance.

  • Remote Processing Support – Support on a short-term or permanent basis with processes including verification, loan origination & reconciliation, R2T4 calculations and SAP monitoring. This frees your staff to address other urgent priorities.

  • Compliance Services – Helping to ensure high-quality compliance with approaches that reduce risks and give colleges peace of mind during audits and program reviews.