February 9, 2017

Remembering the Life and Legacy of George Chin
(2004-2005 NASFAA National Chair)


We, at Financial Aid Services, remember George as the consummate financial aid professional and leader. He brought thoughtful, historical perspective and current contextual understanding to issues and decision-making when he joined or lead discussions. He was constructive in his strategic thinking, and knowledgeable of the partners and players when choices were being made within associations, government agencies, and other businesses and organizations that served the financial aid business.

George was always mindful that our purpose is to serve students well, and deliver aid properly, while recognizing the other parties that pressure our decision-making as aid professionals. He was respectful of them all. And, he seemed to love his work and endeavors. George was a good man with a long career of having and fulfilling his good intentions. He was a gentleman, expressed through his polite and proper conduct and good will.

One of our statesmen is gone and he will be missed.

Thoughts Expressed by:
Dr. Janet Hunter, Executive Consultant


George Chin