FAS provides interim staffing support on a short or long-term basis to keep financial aid operations running at peak performance during the busiest times.

With their deep, specialized knowledge in all types of financial aid operations, our experienced consultants can fill vacancies due to staff turnover, medical or maternity leaves; serve as temporary staff during enrollment surges or peak processing times; backfill during systems implementations or lend assistance whenever extra help is needed. We provide:

Leadership and staff management - We provide staffing at all professional levels, including director, associate director, assistant director, counselor, advisor, and coordinator.

Financial aid processing - FAS performs student counseling, document processing, verification, awarding, and loan certification. Request additional information

"The FAS consultant who served as our interim financial aid director was extremely competent. She knew financial aid forward and backward, administered the program well, kept our awards in line and kept us operating within the established guidelines."