Paperless Automated Verification Engine (PAVE) - New FAS Electronic Processing System Brings Verification into Digital Age

PAVE, the paperless, web-based verification service that FAS piloted in 2013 is now available to institutions throughout the country. The service offers a fast and efficient way to deliver financial aid, freeing professional staff to spend more time counseling students and their families.

Value Created:

  • Completes verification in 5-7 days (less than 1/3 of the national average)
  • Up to 50 percent more aid available by start of a term
  • Gathers information in one session instead of weeks of back and forth document requests
  • Gives staff more time to work with students needing help with complex issues
  • Cuts out excessive phone and visitor traffic
  • Satisfies students with significant process improvements and quick availability of funds


  • Offers a consistent fully compliant service
  • Can standardize verification, gaining efficiencies and greater compliance controls
  • Guides students through a user-friendly process, similar to industry-leading tax filing software
  • Features strong measures to protect the confidentiality and privacy of student and family information
  • College tracks activity with online dashboard
  • E-sign availability shortens verification time

The service increases the amount of financial aid that is ready at the beginning of a term. “It creates a more efficient aid office where the staff is free to counsel and advise students walking in the front office rather than process paper coming into the back office.”


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