Application processing tasks – creating student records, tracking documents, verifying eligibility, making awards and certifying loans – consume valuable time that financial aid staffs could better spend on other priorities.

Highly skilled, experienced FAS professionals offer remote processing support on a permanent or short-term basis to increase the speed of awards – improving student satisfaction, cash flow, student recruitment and retention. We provide:

  • Paperless Automated Verification Service – a fast, fully-compliant approach to federal verification (more)
  • Verification and File Review – ensuring compliance with federal regulations and institutional preferences
  • Return of Title IV Funds (R2T4) - review and recalculation of federal aid for withdrawn students (more)

  • Satisfactory Academic Performance (SAP) - monitoring students' pace and program completion; review of student appeals (more)

  • Tracking – requesting, receiving, reviewing and posting data and documents

  • Need Analysis and Correction – utilizing federal and institutional methodologies

  • Awarding – packaging funds for early estimates or actual awards

  • Loan Origination – experienced in direct loans and private loans
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"The reception by students and staff to the changes we’ve implemented with the assistance of FAS has been a wonderful experience. The level of satisfaction is very high on the part of administrators and students. After working with FAS, our staff is very motivated to get involved in higher levels of the financial aid process when they were reluctant to do so before."