"FAS provided everything we had hoped for, and there were no surprises... It was all pleasant as expected."

Susan Coulston
Vice President and Chief Business Officer
Southwestern Michigan College

"FAS offers the kind of knowledge, professionalism, and high quality financial aid services that are consistent with changing federal regulations. Whenever we need help, I’ll be on the phone to FAS. Their services have been very valuable."

Dr. Bill Froming
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Palo Alto University

"FAS really listens to its clients and matches consultants not just with operational needs, but also with the personality of the college. That makes all the difference."

Mike Quinn
Vice President of Enrollment
Randolph College

"The FAS consultants know their work and they know their industry. They really are financial aid professionals. I can’t imagine anyone who can do it better."

Jennifer Dow-McDonald
Executive Director of Admissions and Recruitment
Mott Community College


"I rarely see somebody come in and build bridges across departments and within the office as well as our FAS consultant did. She had a way of asking for information that made people feel part of her team. I could not be happier with the way our financial aid office is functioning now."

Dr. John Plotts
Vice President for Enrollment
University of Dallas


"FAS demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism, knowledge and courtesy. Everybody was experienced and knew what they were being tasked to do. They also provided helpful suggestions about how we could adapt best practices."

Mary Lee Hodge
Vice President for Business Affairs
Prairie View A&M University

"I have no idea how we would have gotten through recruitment and packaging season without FAS. I have a debt of gratitude for their responsiveness, how well they understood my needs and for giving me a new colleague and friend from the experience."

Helen Nunn
Director of Financial Aid
Susquehanna University

"I’d say that FAS’ greatest strengths are depth of experience, strong work ethic, professionalism and integrity. FAS provided a cost-effective way to get the work done with more knowledge and skill than we had available to bring to the table."

Dr. Stephen Briggs
Berry College

"FAS was hugely successful in what they did for us. They took time to talk to our people and understand their processes, and then helped them see how to do things more effectively and efficiently."

Penney Howe
Former Associate Vice President for Business and Finance
Delaware State University

"After working with FAS, we have an increased and enhanced skill base. We can now tackle problems more holistically and we are operating more efficiently. Because of their help, we will better serve students and meet our enrollment goals."

Carolyn Curry
Vice President Institutional Advancement
Delaware State University

"Their ability to pull together people with the specific skill set you need is extremely helpful. They are able to put extremely knowledgeable people in those skill sets. It’s not a cookie cutter solution."

Dr. Castell Bryant
Retired President
Florida A&M University


"By working with FAS, we were able to get the work done quicker than we were able to do alone and we benefited from the added perspective that they have gained from working with so many other colleges."

Dr. Debbie Heida
Vice President
Berry College


"When the FAS consultant was here during a time of transition, we were able to continue to function in terms of financial aid. He helped us bring in our freshman class. He kept us financially stable, out of risk in terms of compliance, and on firm financial footing."

James White
Associate Provost for Enrollment Management
Seattle University


"Their professionalism is impeccable – it’s the finest we’ve seen. The folks they have – from their leadership to the people who come out on site – are as knowledgeable as you are going to find. When dealing with consultants, I’ve never seen that level of interest, sincerity and commitment. Every single person they sent brought that level of commitment to us."

Dr. John McCloskey
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
Alvernia College


"The FAS consultant who served as our interim financial aid director was extremely competent. She knew financial aid forward and backward, administered the program well, kept our awards in line and kept us operating within the established guidelines."

Dr. Ronald White
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Columbia College


"After working with FAS, we went from being a rudderless ship to one with extremely competent management, cutting edge technology and professional operating standards."

Dr. Jon Larson
Ocean County College


"The outcome of having FAS here has been a remarkable turnaround with improved customer service and streamlined processes. They also built up the confidence level of our staff."

Dr. Cheryl Drangmeister
Associate Vice President of Student Services
San Juan College


"The reception by students and staff to the changes we’ve implemented with the assistance of FAS has been a wonderful experience. The level of satisfaction is very high on the part of administrators and students. After working with FAS, our staff is very motivated to get involved in higher levels of the financial aid process when they were reluctant to do so before."

Dave Sonenberg
Dean of Students
Southeast Community College


"FAS really has top-notch people. They are very professional and easy to deal with. It’s an organization I can trust and be assured that whatever they do or advise will be accepted by the DOE as being true and compliant."

Eric Nelson
Vice President for Finance
Wesley College